As I walk the Duchy of Stubb, I am often surprised and amazed by its inhabitants.  Who knew–little Stubb.  Today, as with most days, I saw the man who works out at the Capitol.  He has long impressed me–I assume he is in his early 70s, probably older, but just looks younger (because he works out everyday!).   What makes him a Wonder of Stubb is that he has absolutely no qualms about what he looks like doing this.  He apparatus of choice: hand-weights attached by bands to his shoes.  Here is where he does push-ups:

See the cars and people in the distance? Those drivers all get to watch him work out with his hand-band-weights.

I am closely related to a woman (who will remain unidentified) who wears these for sunglasses–but twice as bulky and a cheaper plastic; I think they give them out at the doctor’s office–while mowing the lawn in the front yard and also listening to NPR on bulky yellow headphones with an antenna.  Always in the daylight.

When will I finally get to the point when I can say to myself–those sunglasses are the most comfortable, why not?