When I went camping, I took some pictures.  We camped in a state park called Wyalusing, which is one of Wisconsin’s oldest and I would guess probably one of the most popular.  They have group sites there so many local schools will take students there for a few days for nature education (I did this in middle school).  What always made the park so memorable were the amazing views from its bluffs.  And they were even more vast than I remembered:

Meeting of two waters

In the above photo you can see where the Wisconsin River (that’s the run moving  from the front  right of the picture) meets with the Mississippi (if you look closely you see it running in front of the far bluff).   Many historians think this big water convergence might be the root of the word Wisconsin (which could mean the meeting of waters in some of the native languages).   The other bluff in the picture belongs to our good friend. Iowa. They are across the Mississippi.

Incidentally, our bff, Minnesota, returned some islands back to us.  Apparently we lost them a few years ago and assumed they belonged to Minnesota.  This is how islands are like  $5 bills.

Then we met a cave

It looks like the human-eating plant from Little Shop of Horrors.

We explored the surprising wealth of the Dousman family:

Villa Louis

And were followed around by some staff people with keys

Time to close the museum

On the way home we met Dinky in Fennimore


Then these windmills worked hard to turn on lights for us

Don Quixote also met windmills. That's all I know about him.