Imagine if for one weekend a year your town held a conference for rocket scientists.  But instead of sitting  in lecture rooms in some convention center, they built huge rockets. On the street. Right in your downtown. They would compete to see who could build the best rockets the fastest.  Then amateur rocket scientists would be invited to show their neat-o rockets they had put together in their garage.  All day the sky over your town would be lit up with streaks of fire and rocket fuel.

This is Ironman.  The most athletic of athletic competition (please, please let me know of anything that tops this).  Swim 2.4 miles.  Then bike 112 miles.  Then top that off with a marathon. A marathon.  That’s the race that gets its name from the guy who ran 26.2 miles from Marathon to Athens and then died. From running a marathon.

The Ironman athletes started today a 7 a.m. and the winner finished around 3:30 p.m., but there are still people out there right now running and it is nearly 11 p.m.  They are running behind my apartment.  Needless to say watching these rocket-scientist athletes run around my neighborhood is quite a thrill.

You can also watch them come in on a jumbo-tron at the finish line.  Once they make it to the finish line they are carried off by two people.

You're an Ironman!

This is where their bikes slept.  They made their own bike city within the city:

This is like Amsterdam

This man called himself Captain Ironman.  Based on his outfit, I think he actually became Captain Ironman after completing the Ironman. Superhero indeed:

He's athletic and enjoys housework!

Until next year, my betters.