In today’s semi-irregular installment of our German News series, Der Spiegel informs us of a new German documentary that explores the lives of three middle-aged German prostitutes. What makes their stories especially remarkable is that all three entered the oldest profession when they were, well, kinda old.

According to Der Spiegel, Silver Girls (German title = Frauenzimmer) takes a unique approach to often paint-by-numbers prostitution story as the three women each have their own perspectives on their sex careers. Paula, at 49,plans to only be a prostitute for a year in order to put away enough money to quit.  Christa, 58, and Karolina, 64, on the other hand find sexual fulfillment within their profession and have no plans of retirement.

Karolina (pictured above) is a professional dominatrix and the documentary follows her and a client who is a foot fetishist.   Later the documentary shows Christa playing with her grandson, receiving a call from a John, and then leaving her grandson to go to work!  Here’s a key quote from the first sentence:

Schuhe kaufen, mit dem Enkel spielen, Männer befriedigen.

In other words:  “Buy shoes, play with the grandson, satisfy men.”

Silver Girls will air on channel ZDF in Germany, no word yet on if there will be any distribution in the United States.  Director: Saara Aila Waasner.