Here’s a fun use of taxpayer dollars: some of Wisconsin’s congressional delegation are proposing a bill that would rewrite federal law so that Gov-elect Walker can give back money designated for Wisconsin’s high-speed rail project and use it to “pay down the federal debt.”  It won’t help Wisconsin’s debt that much, though.  We’ll still owe $100 million dollars and will lose all those jobs we need (fewer jobs=fewer taxpayers=less revenue=more state debt).

Other than the fact that we’ll still lose jobs and money, there are some other problems with the proposed bill.  For instance, it won’t do anything to improve Wisconsin’s infrastructure, or give people more convenient ways to get around the Midwest.  A high-speed rail service would do that, though.  Also the bill is unlikely to go very far because there are all these other states (Illinois, New York, California)  that would rather have that $810 million dollars go to them for rail projects.  And their congressional delegations will vote accordingly to make sure their  citizens’ federal tax dollars go to improve American infrastructure and the business climate back home. All those other states for prosperity!

But Wisconsin, know this, your congressional delegation is there fighting for you…to be bypassed by business, growth,development, tourism and improved transportation options–all to help your Governor-elect save face.

But in happy, non-cynical train news, the Sierra Club released details on all the different Save the Train Day of Action rallies that will take place all around the state this Saturday.  All the information is available on this Facebook  page, or visit their website.

Also for those who enjoy laughing at their own misery, here’s one for you:

Obama Replaces Costly High-Speed Rail Plan With High-Speed Bus Plan

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