It’s been a long few weeks since this blog lost hope for infrastructure projects and went underground.  In case you missed it, in early December, all of Wisconsin’s train money got yanked due to willful sloganeering (that’s your tax dollars, Wisconsin, now going to other states, per usual).

Governor Walker also stopped a plan to burn biomass at a UW-Madison heating plant that is already under construction.  The whole point of the biomass plant was not to be a bunch of Madison treehuggers (jury’s still out as to whether biomass is even that much better for the environment) but to build up and support an emerging biomass industry in the state.  It’s industry is made up of farmers and local manufacturers who sell their refuse (switchgrass, wood chips, corn leftovers) to the state for burning.  It’s sustainable, Wisconsin-grown energy. Also it helps save jobs.

But, oh well, forget the future and all that making ourselves desirable stuff, we’ll just bury our heads in the sand. Or better yet,  we’ll continue to be really good at developing rabble-rousing, but meaningless, slogans.

Also we might lose our  jobs, as I did last week.  No train jobs.  No energy jobs.  No duchess jobs. But, don’t worry, it just means we’re open for business!