Through my seemingly endless perusal of Hawaii hotels on Tripadvisor, I have noticed an alarming trend within the traveling community.  It’s a trend that may make you question a journey to the islands, or even the purpose of humanity.  What I’m talking about are people who take pictures of their feet:

Nearly every resort hotel review page on TripAdvisor is peppered with similar pictures.  The one above is from the Four Seasons on the Big Island.  As far as these pictures go it’s not terrible.  The color and composition are nice, which distracts from the feet.  The feet are okay looking–sort of well-groomed with flip-flops so the feet are not so present.  This one below (also from the Four Season’s review page) is far more typical:

Here the photographer is burdening us with an uneven, poorly lit shot…and his feet make him look like he’s a cadaver being wheeled around some tropical morgue.  Also, way too much leg…the viewer feels like they’re sitting on this dude’s lap.  Not a comfortable feeling.  The cliché continues on many other resort pages.   Here are some more corpses roasting in the sun at the Sheraton on Maui:

Also from the Sheraton page, see below. At least this person looks like they expended the energy to sit up for the shot:

This is from the Hyatt Maui page:

Also on the Hyatt page was this grossness. Feet and PDA…barf:

The below image is from the Napili Surf Resort in Maui, which apparently turns your legs into large beached fish:


From the Grand Hyatt on Kauai:


Okay, okay, why is this all so very wrong? Here are a few reasons:

1. It’s a contrived cliché

Considering the sheer amount of these types of pictures I’ve encountered, it should be pretty clear that there’s nothing original about the feet-up beach shot.  Why go through so much effort to show you’re relaxed?  Are you really that relaxed when you’re wondering how to best demonstrate your relaxation to friends and strangers back home?  This is right up there with people holding up the leaning tower of Pisa.  The picture is so staged that instead of creating envy, as it’s likely suppose to do, it forces viewers to question the taker’s insufferable lameness. Why bother?

2. TripAdvisor pictures should help others judge the hotel property

When I go through the effort of clicking through all the pictures on a TripAdvisor page, it means I want to see a hotel’s rooms, its views, its beaches and its other facilities.  I am not hunting for pictures of strangers’ feet.  Really, why post any pictures of yourself on TripAdvisor–we are strangers–we don’t really care to see your deformed body parts lounging about on the sand. If you must share such pictures, please inflict them on your Facebook friends.

3. Feet by themselves are pretty gross and weird-looking

There are few body parts that are as  unappealing as feet.  Although there are many people who love feet, there are whole cultures in which feet are offensive.  This blog is one of those cultures.