March 1st was a busy day for many of us in Wisconsin. Around 4:00 p.m. Governor Walker gave his biennial budget address to a supportive audience of republicans and lobbyists hoping to extract money from republicans.  I was at the Capitol, but couldn’t get in because the Capitol at that point was locked down to people who do not agree with Scott Walker. So I was outside in the cold shouting “Shame!” instead of inside hearing how the Governor plans to weaken public education, but provide more tax cuts for corporations!  Yay??

(By the way, you can learn all about the Governor’s budget proposal on my “Save the State” page.  In a nutshell, it’s bad for the middle-class, but terrifying for the working poor.)

For most of us, the evening of March 1st was spent sifting though the budget and newspaper articles about the budget to determine if we’d still have health care, which of our kids’ school programs would be cut, whether or not we’d be laid off, or if our unemployment insurance would get cut off, or whether grandma could still afford to stay in her home, and on and on.  It was a bad night for those of us in the middle- and working-classes.  On March 1st the governor made it clear that he would balance his budget on the backs of us, our families and the people most at risk in our community.

But for Governor Walker, it was a totally relaxing night! After he finally got that annoying speech done, he announced to Twitter (see above) that he had a great night eating chili with the Mrs. and watching the boob tube. The tweet asked for derision and derided it was.  (Currently there is an inactive Twitter account titled Chili with Tonette.)

But this is not the first embarrassing Tweet from our Governor.  Here he is in February after the Packers’ Superbowl win and shortly before announcing that he would remove bargaining and union rights for most public employees:

Yes, for our Governor, winning the election and serving as Governor is like one long confetti-streaming party!  Woo-hoooooo! Packers win! Yeaaahh! Tax increases on the working poor! My life is awwwessoome!

Many times Walker’s tweets construct  some alternate Wisconsin reality that distracts us from what’s actually going on in this state under his leadership.  On Saturday, while over 100,000 of us gathered to protest his middle-class harming policies, the Governor tweeted:

Wow, glad the suburbanites in the mall by the country club liked your haircut and have the same level of disdain for working-class people as you do, Governor.

Anger and confusion are emotions almost universally triggered by Governor Walker’s Twitter account.  Here’s a typical moment from Sunday:

In a matter of tweets the Governor endorses a misleading column by a conservative commentator, finally acknowledges the crisis in Japan after two days of silence and then links to a discredited attack ad against working middle-class people funded by Karl Rove’s organization.  That’s our governor, politicking during tragedy and attacking his own constituents.

Of course, Scott Walker’s Twitter feed is ripe for satire, and satirized it is, frequently, on Twitter.  By my count there are at least twelve satirical Walker accounts that regularly mock Walker.

Most mock Walker’s policies, his arrogance, his questionable intelligence  and the overall tone-deafness he demonstrates when dealing with the public:

FakeGovWalker has bit more wit than most of the satirical accounts,  but is not as prolific as it should be:

RealGovWalker restates every GovWalker tweet in a way that makes sense to those of us who don’t understand Republican Newspeak:

GovWalkerHaiku strikes similar chords, but in, well, haiku form:

Others focus on Walker’s perceived insensitivity:

Fitzwalkerstan mocks the draconian policies of the Walker administration. (The handle refers to an angry quote by my Rep., Mark Pocan, who exclaimed last week on the Assembly floor that Walker and the Republican leaders, the Fitzgerald brothers, were turning Wisconsin into Fitzwalkerstan):

But with so many satire flags already on one man, it makes sense that some would chose to claim parts:

While others state their claim on the governor’s accessories:

WIGovPR focuses on the Walker Administration’s often incomprehensible PR strategy:

This is a bit of an aside, but if you ever want to read what it would sound like if  Governor Walker was criticized by a politically-shrewd dog, RexPoliticalDog has you covered:

But perhaps of most importance, there is one Governor Walker account that had been silent since December but emerged yesterday from its moth-balled closet. Governor Walker’s campaign account, which he uses to link to his fundraising page, sprung back to life yesterday (Was it on a state computer or his blackberry? Will the press ask?). Take this as a sign that Governor Walker is starting to understand the recall threat against him and his colleagues is very, very real: