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Below are the results of this week’s yarn bombing of my corner bus shelter.  The project, “Cozy Shelter”, was a collaborative effort by UW-Madison design students and Madison-area knitters.  Keep rockin’ it, you collaborators!  Enjoy!

It was way too early in the morning for me to spot this terrifying baby doll–a sure sign of a coming apocalypse.  What kind of  parent would put this doll in the hands of small child and expect that child to sleep at night?  “Why did they leave me in the rain?” It asked me. “I thought they loved me.” And then it pulled out a tiny, tiny pink chainsaw.

He slept here

Forward to Sunday.

Dear Stella’s Hot Spicy Cheese Bread,

Once again you drew us in with your gooey, nearly flavorless cheese and just-hot-enough peppers today at the farmer’s market.  Unlike the tourists and suburbanites who urgently grab which one of you is closest, we weighed the breads by hand to determine which one of you was filled with the most cheese.  You have been part of our lives for nearly seven years. We took  you home and shared you for lunch–you were not quite warm enough, but your cheese had not recongealed into vaguely flavorless rubber.  Why must you be $7–next year you surely will be $7.50.  There is no change in product, and surely not that much change in production cost.  Didn’t gas prices go down last year? There were summers when I ate you every week–now it’s all nostalgia.  Thank for your efforts, though, and sitting so patiently next to my sungold tomatoes without exploding them in their bag.


Although distracted by senior citizens exercising near my office, I did notice the following item along my route to work yesterday:

A cement corner piece delicately resting against on Oak–perhaps rescued from a nearby construction project. It reminded me of the following spiritual gentleman I encountered in Japan:

Somehow I think the Japanese artifact has more significance–although the cement piece surely has significance to someone.  Perhaps it’s an arrow pointing to the sky to suggest  go back to Japan.  Or perhaps it suggests Stubb would be more interesting if I put doll-sized woolen items on left-over construction materials?  Also a bib.