Below is one-stop resource for legislation, articles, editorials, polling data and advocacy initiatives related to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s extreme political agenda, his budget “repair” bill, and his budget.  Let me know if you have any suggestions for add-ons. In general, I will focus mostly on editorials and advocacy, because those are the things I tend to read. But will try to add regular news items, especially from larger news organizations, as I come across them. Also, for the time being, everything will be posted with roughly the newest items first.

Walker Administration, General


Boycott Scott Walker Contributors – Facebook Group

United Wisconsin Facebook Group (Manages the unified recall petition–See below)

Bold Progressives


Scott Walker Watch

United Wisconsin (Recall petition)

Recall the Republican 8


ONW: Editorial: Observing open government not a partisan issue – 3/17/11

CT: Walker’s ‘legacy” off to a sad, small start – 3/15/11

WSJ: Will early gamble cost Walker later? – 3/13/11

MJS: Has Walker become unrecognizable? – 3/12/11

APC: Openness laws help public – 3/12/11

RFJ: Wanted: Elected officials who know how to say “Let’s make a deal” – 3/11/11

SP: Another black mark for Wisconsin (Sheboygan Press regrets endorsement of Walker) – 3/10/11

CT – A tradition of opposing corporate power – 3/9/11

CT – Squandering 100 years of progress – 3/9/11

MJS: Scott Walker: Could he be the most polarizing governor in America? – 3/8/11

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel–Smashing Demon Government

This is NOT what democracy looks like

Why did governor consider disrupting rallies?

“Scott! David Koch”

Governor, an apology please

Our chatty governor gets buffaloed

Our view: Ranger Walker sets wrong tone


MJS Analysis–Opinion polls shows shard divides on Walker (3/5/11)

Public Policy Polling (On union issue/who WI would vote for if election held again)

Strategic Telemetry (On vulnerability to recall)


MJS: Walker gives himself more power to fill high state jobs – 3/18/11

ISTH: Is Wisconsin DOA’s credibility now D.O.A.? – 3/17/11

MJ: WisDems: Walker’s Frank Luntz visit broke the law – 3/17/11

CT: Walker denies charges that meeting closed to the public – 3/16/11

Isth: Governor Walker’s team resists prompt release of emails to Isthmus, AP – 3/8/11

Isth: A former GOP aide to Senate Republicans: You can beat Walker – 3/8/11

Isthmus, Associated Press sue Gov. Scott Walker over access to emails

Forbes–Walker has lost the War

WMC’s vision for the future: $30,000  jobs

10 Disastrous policies from the Wisconsin GOP that you haven’t heard about



Jeremy Suri – The McCarthyism? – 3/13/11


The Wheeler Report



TJ: Kapanke most vulnerable to recall effort – 3/17/11

CT: Online Walker recall drive hits the ground to build momentum – 3/16/11

CT: Allegations surface over Hopper living outside district – 3/15/11

MNH: Lassa draws calls in Rapids – 3/15/11


Recall Alberta Darling Blog

Labor Protests/Capitol Closure/Budget “Repair” Bill


Schedule of Nightly Interfaith Vigils at the Capitol

Defend Wisconsin


CT: Wisconsin GOP legislators head to D.C. for payoffs, er, campaign contributions – 3/17/11

MJS: A question of timing – 3/16/11

BDN: Editorial: No that wasn’t senate payback – 3/16/11

CT: Cory Mason emerges as a statesman – 3/16/11

FDLR: Commentary: Collective bargaining scrapped with little thought to the consequences – 3/15/11

SP: Editorial: Bureaucrats shouldn’t okay Medicaid changes – 3/15/11

MNH: Let sunshine in on quick senate meeting – 3/15/11

JG: Watching uproar over Wisconsin protests, it’s time to remember how unions make our lives better – 3/15/11

ECLT: This is not how it’s supposed to be done in Wisconsin – 3/15/11 (Pay wall)

CST: Editorial: Don’t blame unions for fiscal problems – 3/14/11

FDLR: GOP Senate committee meeting notice violated spirit of Open Meetings Law – 3/13/11

CT: Time for some ‘which side are you’ choices – 3/13/11

MJS: Welcome to Thunderdome politics – 3/12/11

CT: Rally Day: The farmers roll to the rescue – 3/12/11

MHTR: Shine light on government activity – 3/12/11

MJS: On Wisconsin…to chaos. A clear absence of check and balance – 3/11/11

NYT: It’s not over in Wisconsin – 3/10/11

MJS: A defining moment – 3/10/11

WDH: Our view: GOP moves will escalate state political battle – 3/10/11

IB: So now collective bargaining isn’t a fiscal matter? – 3/10/11

WSJ – Hasty action violates public’s trust – 3/10/11

MJS – Wisconsin’s fire eaters – 3/10/11

MJS – The bust Wisconsin unions act – 3/10/11

CT – SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! – 3/10/11

JG – Walker’s war on workers: Whatever it takes – 3/10/11

CT – John Nichols: What Michael Moore gets about Wisconsin…and America – 3/10/11

WRT: Democracy bungled by unruly underlings – 3/10/11

IST-We need to walk through why Gov. Walker is so ridiculous – 3/8/11

CT – How Dems are winning: Mark Miller keeps cool, Scott Fitzgerald blows up – 3/8/11

TJ: Column: What Governor Walker should do – 3/8/11

IST-Abraham Lincoln and the Dem 14

New Yorker–Union Blues

CT–Scott Fitzgerald is violating his oath of office

Greetings from the Wisconsin toolshed

WSJ–Require bids to build trust

MJS–Busting Bus Systems

Oshkosh Northwestern–Walker has room to negotiate, will he?

MJS–Over the top tactics

MJS–Open the Capitol

Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter–Take collective bargaining off the table

Eau Claire Leader Telegram–Governor Walker should repair his budget proposal (pay wall)

Why Sheriff Mahoney refuses to serve as Walker’s palace guard

This is NOT what democracy looks like

The rubble that will remain

Wausau Daily Herald–Drop policy changes from budget bill

Sheboygan Press–Budget repair bill compromise can be found

You heard it here first–tax the rich and solve the budget shortfall

Why did the governor consider disrupting the rallies?

Ex-Ag sees labor violations in stunt phone call

Walker’s the one who has outsiders with him

Madison Mayor: More answers and debate needed

Beloit Daily News–Let it breath, separate issues

Repair this bill

Those other parts

Game time is over

Fix budget, then bring back bargaining

State’s crisis political, not financial

It’s time to start talking about a solution

Walker, Citizens must work together

New governor arrogant, but not a dictator (pay wall)

Governor took budget repair bill and turned it into war

Stubborn not a good strategy

Walker going too far

Assault on transportation lost in the shuffle

La Crosse Tribune–Walker Ranger going too far

Sheboygan Press: Walker’s new wind-citing  rules a jobs killer – 1/23/11


Daily Kos/PPP: Democrats lead in three potential recall elections in Wisconsin – 3/14/11

Survey USA – Poll: Majority support recall of two Wisconsin GOP senators 3/10/11

WPRI 3/5/11

Rasmussen 3/3/11

NBC/Wall Street Journal

Wisconsin Reporter (Franklin Institute)

Dick Morris

We Ask America

Building a Stronger Wisconsin

New York Times/CBS

Pew Research

Public Policy Polling


MJS: Judge temporarily blocks implementation of public union law – 3/18/11

MJS: About those email to Gov. Walker – 3/18/11

AP: Walker releases emails on collective bargaining – 3/18/11

CT: Business outspends labor $12 to $1, state campaign records show – 3/17/11

WSJ: Questions and answers about the new collective bargaining law – 3/17/11

MJS: ‘Miracle on the Hudson’ co-pilot withdraws money from M&I bank – 3/16/11

CT: Heading to the exits: Walker inspires exodus of public workers – 3/16/11

WSJ: Amid Changes in bargaining and benefits, public employees weigh whether to retire – 3/16/11

MJS: Dane County DA says budget panel illegal, wants law voided – 3/16/11

ISTH: Lawsuit settled Isthmus, AP will get emails, Walker must pay legal costs – 3/16/11

Reuters: Wisconsin Republicans retreat from procedural threats – 3/16/11

WB: Some real estate agents complain Walker policies hurting sales – 3/15/11

CT: Sen. Fitzgerald: Senate Dems’ committee votes will not be counted or recorded – 3/14/11

WSJ: Collective bargaining bill signing brings largest rally yet to capitol – 3/13/11

CT: Why farmers are driving their tractors to protest at the capitol – 3/12/11

MJS: Walker signs budget deal, legal challenges mount – 3/11/11

ISTH: State troopers worried they may be sued for illegal tactics – 3/10/11

MJS – Barca files open meeting complaint over bargaining bill – 3/10/11

MJS -Walker wins, battle shifts – 3/10/11

WSJ – Legislature passes controversial bill – 3/10/11

MJS – Teacher Samson uncomfortable with Walker’s portrayal of her story – 3/10/11

WSJ: In a war of words, Walker jabs, unions respond – 3/8/11

MJS: Politifact-Checking in on $7.5 million damage figure for state capitol protests (Pants on Fire) – 3/8/11

The Atlantic: What would bring Wisconsin’s Democrats back to Madison? 3 Scenarios – 3/8/11

Huffpo: Wisconsin State Senate Republicans took hundreds of thousands in farm subsidies – 3/8/11

GBPG: Senator Cowles: Republicans have to be “flexible” on collective bargaining negotiations – 3/7/11

The Atlantic: At a Wisconsin town hall, the mood turns against compromise – 3/7/11

WSJ–Moore: protesters have aroused a sleeping giant

CT–Maybe $7.5 million is a little high

MJS–State officials back off Capitol damage claim

Sen. Schultz lashes out at fellow Republicans

Sen. Risser outraged that Capitol has become an “armed fortress”

First Amendment under attack in Wisconsin

Protests surge as Capitol lockdown extends into downtown Madison

Constitutionally Questionable: DOA bars protesters from the Capitol

Milwaukee city attorney say Walker budget repair bill unconstitutional

Representative turned away from capitol

South of the Border: Dems share snippets of life on the lam

Scott Walker’s war

NYT–In Wisconsin, flinging blame and citing deadlines

Wisconsin: A House Divided

Assembly’s abrupt adjournment causes chaos in capitol

At Wisconsin capitol, week ends in gridlock, frustration

Senate Republicans end debate of budget bill, await absentee Democrats



Kelly Vinehout and Doug Smith: An open letter to the people of Wisconsin – 3/14/11 (About Dems workload in Illinois)


Assembly Democrats alternative budget repair proposal

Governor Walker conversation with “David Koch” (Audio)

Governor Walker conversation with “David Koch” (Transcript)

Fox News lies while covering labor protests in Wisconsin

2011-2013 Biennial Budget (By Subject)


WCCF: Effects of biennial budget and budget repair bills for working families – 3/15/11

SP: Editorial: Give close look to biennial budget – 3/15/11

MJS: What real families do – 3/14/11

MJS: Uncovering the will of the people – 3/12/11

CT: Why farmers are driving their tractors to protest at the Capitol – 3/12/11

EM: The budget plot – 3/9/11

AP: Walker’s budget goes far beyond just unions

BDN–Transformative? Yes. Right? Fair? More study required

MJS–The new normal of sacrifice

Politifact: Scott Walker says Wisconsin is broke (Ruling: False)

Governor Walker’s budget cuts would reshape the state

Cieslewicz, Falk blast Walker’s budget plans

In Madison–Governor Walker packed his budget address with ringers

Scott Walker’s Budget Address: The ego has landed

Transformative, yes, but is this budget fair?

Wispolitics Budget Blog

Transcript–Scott Walker’s Budget Address

Department of Administration Budget Page

Education (K-12, UW-System, Charter Schools, Technical Colleges)

SL: School District refutes Gov. Walker’s math – 3/18/11

WSJ: Walker touts budget help for schools, but others dispute his figures – 3/17/11

SPJ: Walker defends school cuts – 3/16/11

Press Release: SAA-School administrators oppose Walker privatization agenda – 3/16/11

MJS: Walker says most districts can offset cuts (but they probably can’t) – 3/16/11

MJS: Not every school loses state aid under hypothetical enactment of Walker’s education budget – 3/16/11

LFB Memo: Hypothetical enactment of Walker’s education budget – 3/15/11

ONW: Polarization in politics won’t melt problems – 3/14/11

JG: Janesville schools face a very different future – 3/13/11

MJS: Just say not voucher expansion – 3/12/11

MJS: Who has plan to lift teachers’ gloom? – 3/12/11

APC – Editorial: Budget’s reading provisions at odds – 3/9/11

MJS – Yes, you were all duped by [school] choice – 3/8/11

CH: Budget cuts will force layoffs in Chippewa Falls schools – 3/7/11

MJS: Fix the flaw first (school funding formula) – 3/7/11

GBPG-Wisconsin Covenant proponents hope for replacement

State actions have local teachers weighing retirement

MJS–Don’t forget students when mulling what’s next for MPS

MJS–Wisconsin school districts studying impact of proposed cuts

MJS–MPS have to cut $74 million more

Facing cut to state aid: MATC officials wonder how they’ll pay for new buildings

Walker’s war on equality

Walker’s budget hits MATC hard

Budget cuts hundreds of millions from schools

University of Wisconsin System faces $250 million in cuts, restructuring

Walker plans to phase out Wisconsin Covenant

Budget would take more than $20 million from Madison schools

Walker gives charter more chance

Good news, bad news for UW tuition

Local Governments

WDH: Local governments say Walker’s ‘tools’ will not work – 3/17/11

WSJ: Falk, Cieslewicz say Walker’s claims for savings for local governments are wrong – 3/16/11

WDH: Wausau-area municipalities could lose millions in state aid – 3/16/11

HSO – Gov. Scott Walker Budget means less money for schools, local governments – 3/10/11

CT-Budget would cost (Dane) County money and jobs, Falk says

MHTR-Two Rivers stands to lose big under proposed state budget

ONW-Budget’s first blush leaves a pale shade

JG-Budget would shift services

Municipal, county governments target of large cuts in Walker budget

Health Care (Medicaid, Badger Care, Women’s Health)

WSJ: State issues enrollment freeze, premium increase for BadgerCare Basic health coverage – 3/18/11

CT: Amid proposed budget cuts, funerals for the poor get a funding boost – 3/17/11

MJS: Low-income elderly could lose drug plan – 3/13/11

MJS: Birth-control program takes hit in budget – 3/12/11

WSJ- Wisconsin budget cuts will hurt the disabled – 3/9/11

ONW – Editorial: Balancing budget comes with health cost – 3/9/11

WSJ: State official wants to keep Medicaid drug coverage, shift patients to managed care – 3/8/11

CT-Walker’s elimination of family planning funds could jeopardize federal dollars, close clinics

CT-GOP bills to allow ‘a la carte’ health insurance policies to ignore state mandates

MJS-An attack on women’s health

Local officials say Walker’s plan to privatize assistance programs will poor families

Budget bill takes air at contraception programs

CT–Guess why Walker wants to freeze State Life Fund

MJS–Experimentation yes, but done with transparency

CT–Right-to-lifers are on cloud nine

MJS–Women’s health–Culture war redux

Advocates for people on Medicaid pan Walker’s budget speech

Walker’s budget removes insurance requirement to cover birth control

Budget aims to end growth of Medicaid programs in the state


APC-Editorial: Budget provisions target low-income tax credits

MJS — Walker budget plans cut tax credit for the working poor (Goes against his promise not to raise taxes, apparently the poor don’t count when it comes to promises)

Walker’s budget slashes tax credits that aid poor

Walker’s proposed capital gains tax breaks get lukewarm backing

Environmental Issues/Energy

WSJ: Walker administration still intends to sell state power plants – 3/18/11

MJS: Walker reins in water rules – 3/17/11

WSJ: Walker proposal may violate clean water act – 3/13/11

MJS: Farmland preservation program on the chopping block – 3/13/11

JG – Editorial: Restore recycling in state budget – 3/10/11

WSJ-Lake protections take hit in Walker’s budget, critics say

MJS–Plan won’t end need to recycle

CT–Energy Programs get Walker ax

Walker budget would eliminate office of energy independence (Also pulls back on mandates for agencies to use less gas)

State recycling mandate, funding eliminated under Walker’s budget

Walker’s budget removes $1.1 million for recycling in Madison


MJS: Milwaukee county fears transportation cuts – 3/15/11

CT: Walker’s transit changes bad for the long haul – 3/14/11

RJT: Killing KRM won’t help the economy – 3/11/11

MJS–Busting Bus Systems

Walker budget eliminates money for bike/pedestrian improvements

Full speed ahead for Zoo Interchange


MJS: Editorial: A misguided proposal (Re: Closure of Ethan Allen youth rehab center) – 3/18/11

WSJ: Budget would make state’s labor-management mediator a political appointee – 3/14/11

WKOW: Veterans Affairs: Walker budget endangers (veterans) trust fund – 3/14/11

WSJ: Consumer advocates worried about Walker’s budget – 3/13/11

Bloomberg: Poet’s $2,000 reimbursement a casualty in Walker’s Wisconsin – 3/7/11

State pension shift faces a 401 (k) turn

Ethan Allen closing stows hope

Walker’s budget all but kills public financing for state supreme court elections

Budget would end early release program for non-violent prisoners