Paul Yarrow is a Brit whose avocation is putting himself behind news reporters during live news reports.   He has done this 100 times in the last year during broadcasts for the BBC, Al Jazeera, Sky News, among others. Although perhaps a nuisance to the reporters and camera crew, Yarrow sees himself as something of a folk hero, according to the Daily Mail:

There are too many beautiful people on television, he argues. The people who run television companies are happy to put blonde lovelies on air but seem curiously averse to filling the screen with balding fat men in wrinkled white sweaters.

And it has to change.

‘It’s a serious issue and I’m trying to make a statement: “Be who you are.” I’m just a common person in the street,’ says Yarrow.

‘People say we live in a fairer, more understanding society these days, but elderly and overweight people still get pushed aside. The camera crews try to move me out of the way but I’m a human being.’

Although, it’s not all about making the magic teevee world appear more like the aesthetic wasteland us proles confront everyday in the mirror:  Mr. Yarrow may be misleading people about his grammar school pedigree.  The horror!