Today in train talk, the  Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce went on record (again) to voice support for Wisconsin’s high-speed rail project. (This is a business association with over 1,600 members in the Madison area.) In the same article, the Milwaukee Metropolitan Association of Commerce basically said to Madison’s business community, “screw you guys, we got ours”:

“Quite frankly, our focus was on ensuring that we had that (Hiawatha) connection to Chicago for lots of reasons. (The Madison line has) been more of a nice-to-have discussion than a need-to-have discussion in the business community in southeastern Wisconsin,” Sheehy said Wednesday. “In a sense, why beat a dead train?”

Here’s a fact that may make you hit your head against the wall:  Governor-elect Walker supports the already-existing train from Milwaukee to Chicago AND the use of stimulus money to upgrade it.  This begs the question–why do some people hate Madison? Seriously. Is it the university?  The State Capitol? Our tolerance of people (even Republicans!)? Our emphasis on urban planning? The fact that we’re generally ranked as one of the healthiest and best places to live in the country? Our high-tech businesses? Ella’s Deli?  Why is a train from Milwaukee to Chicago a good investment in our infrastructure, but a train from Madison to Chicago is a boondoggle?  This makes no sense.




Also there was a press conference today where people who make trains in Wisconsin said they are worried that they will lose their jobs.  Also Governor-elect Walker again said he will end the train project while somehow also creating 250,000 jobs. Brain explosion!

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