Today I cast an early vote for the November 2nd general election.  It was easy and fun in the way that voting is always fun.  Frankly, if you are American and have opinions you should freaking vote in all elections.  Even if I don’t agree with the way you will vote, I want you to vote.  How lucky are we that we get to vote in U.S. elections? I digress…to vote early, I just went to the city hall and gave the clerk my name (I’m registered already because I always vote). If you need to register, just remember to bring a piece of mail with your full name and address.  In Wisconsin that’s all you need.

Although you should enjoy voting in whatever way you feel best represents you, to my fellow Wisconsinites may I offer this humble consideration: rehire Senator Russ Feingold.  He’s a lone wolf.  Whether we like to admit it or not, I think we’ve all had our Feingold pride moments.

Remember how he votes independently regardless of external pressures (like the time he was the only Senator to vote against the Patriot Act. He was also the only Democrat to vote against the motion to dismiss the Clinton impeachment because he thought the House of Representatives needed to have “every opportunity” to prove its case.) Remember how he visits every single Wisconsin county once every year?  72 counties every year.  And he listens to people, no matter how angry, old, frustrating and Republican they are:

Seriously, dude represents.  Even when it sucks and we are a-holes.  When I lived out of state people always told me how lucky I was to have a Senator with a backbone.  Those don’t exist in other states.  Every other states has spineless millionaires “representing” them, which we, too, might have after November 2nd.

Here are some classics Feingold ads.  To me, he is still this Senator:

Also, I love that he finally got to vote for some kind of health legislation.  Also, he is still against NAFTA:

Okay, I have to admit these campaign ads make me wonder why he hasn’t been running campaign ads like this during this election cycle. They are winners.  That being said, he is still all of these things, Wisconsin.  Yes, he’s higher profile, but he’s middle class and votes for things he thinks will help middle class Wisconsinites:

Please, please Wisconsin.  Campaign finance reform.  That was a great idea!  He did that one, too. Think of all the great ideas that will never come to be if we vote for another boring millionaire who regurgitates talking points and has no ideas of his own.