For those of you in Madison, the Overture Center is offering a drawing to win $25 tickets to see Wicked.  You need to show up 2 1/2 hours before the show, then you put your name in for the drawing–you can request singles or pairs of tickets.  The drawing takes place 2 hours before the show and you must have cash on hand to pay for the tickets if your name is called.  My Wicked companion and I tried for the Saturday matinée, but no such luck (about 6 pairs were drawn, but there were about 100 people who put their names in).  But my Wicked companion was the second name called for the Saturday evening drawing (maybe about 50 people were there).

If you win, you get a neat pin that allows you to brag to everyone about how you won!  Also, we were in the front row!  Slightly off to the side, but in the front row! There was some occasional visual obstruction, but it’s the front row!  All the dancing globs I normally see were graceful humans leaping and twirling.  There were identifiable actions! Fingers! I saw fingers!

There are only a few more shows of Wicked left before the production leaves Madison. There will be a ticket lottery before each performance.  For more information, visit the Overture Center site.  If you haven’t seen it, Wicked is a great show–very entertaining with catchy music and a clever reworking of the Wizard of Oz storyline.  As someone who saw it from the first row (!), it was also engagingly acted.  Much weeping was had on my part. I’m a sucker for the friendship stories, though.  Sisterhood of the traveling uterus! (That’s a women’s studies joke, I think. Although it probably has to be funny to be a real joke.)

Here are my crappy phone pictures.  Enjoy!

It's just an orchestra pit that separates me from this curtain

This is what I saw when I looked down

This is the view when I turned my head. The little heads way up on top of the highest balcony...I'm normally one of those heads.

I hope Overture will continue this promotion for other bigger ticket events–it’s a nice way to give students and other downtown residents a way to see shows at a  more reasonable price, while also, you know, promoting the show–and Overture.